Frequently Asked Questions

The We Are All Educators, Organization’s (The W.A.A.E.) mission is to provide individuals with the proper professional tools, knowledge, mentorship, experience and exposure to make informed decisions about their future careers.

Our primary goal is to provide participants with information, experiences and exposure to resources that foster fulfillment of their professional goals. Our goal is to help participants explore what they want to do in life, to either help them be more confident and decisive when picking a major in college or when choosing a career path (in higher education or a trade). The fulfillment of stated goals are to make participants’ dreams more tangible, or to help participants decide whether or not their original dream job is truly what they want to pursue.

As a teacher, people often told me that they couldn’t do what I do. My response is often, we all have stories to share that are valuable lessons to others, even if it’s for a day. This has also always been the motto in my class because I always want my students to understand that we are all learning from each other. Their knowledge is valuable and we can learn from them, just as they learn from us.

Our students start in high school, but we follow them to their desired career, if they want. We have students in college, some that have had to leave school, some that have taken alternate paths (entrepreneurs, artists, etc.), college graduates, law enforcement and even in grad school. Our current population is age 14 – 24.

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The WAAE, Org. has partnered with the DC Department of Employment Services (DOES) as a host for the Marion Barry Summer Youth Employment Program (MBSYEP), as well as with Prince Goerge’s County Maryland’s Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP).



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