About Us


The We Are All Educators, Organization's (The W.A.A.E.) mission is to provide individuals with the proper professional tools, knowledge, mentorship, experience and exposure to make informed decisions about their future careers.


Our primary goal is to provide participants with information, experiences and exposure to resources that foster fulfillment of their professional goals. Our goal is to help participants explore what they want to do in life, to either help them be more confident and decisive when picking a major in college or when choosing a career path (in higher education or a trade). The fulfillment of stated goals are to make participants dreams more tangible, or to help participants decide whether or not their original dream job is truly what they want to pursue.


- Professional Development Workshops
- Professional Dress, Talk & Behavior
- Cover Sheet & Resume Assistance
- Interview Skills
- Networking etc.
- Career Exposure, Exploration, Job Shadowing, etc.
- Career Mentorship
- Summer Internship
- Summer Youth Employment Program
- Financial Planning
- Community Service
- College Counseling & Application Assistance
- Professional Trade & Application Assistance

We continue to support until their career is secured.

“We all have a body of knowledge that we can share with others.”
Darrell Holloman II

Turning Action Into Interest

“We all have a body of knowledge that we can share with others.”

Meet Our Board


Darrell Holloman II

Mr. Holloman is a veteran educator who has taught nationally and internationally for public and private schools. Prior to entering the classroom he knew that there was a gap in education. The essential elements that he noticed that are missing in (secondary) education are professional development and career exploration. While in the Peace Corps he developed the brainchild that would eventually become The We Are All Educators Organization (The W.A.A.E.) and now he wants to help close that gap in education.

Vice President

Patrice Green

Board Member

Marilyn Cox

Board Member

Adam Vicks

Board Member

Anitra Oluonye